What People Need to Enjoy the Life?

What People Need to Enjoy the Life?I have a question. It sounds like without what people can live. The question is difficult and thought provoking. Maybe this question makes people think properly about what is more important for people. I want to underline this is my own opinion, you can completely agree with me or suggest your own list.

The first point is food and drink This is our phisiological requirement, if we don’t eat and drink we will be exhausted. The second thing is health. yeah, health. What can we achieve if we are sick. To be safe and sound people should take care of their own health. They need to keep a healthy lifestyle, to go in for sports. If you have some problems you need to consult the doctor and take preparations. there are such cases when the drugs prescribed by a doctor do not produced in your country. don’t worry, nowadays there are the Internet web sites where you can find the drugs you need. as an example i want to show you the web site “Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy”.

You can ask what I mean. I mean the Internet ordering. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is a helper in keeping you life. keeping life is the main their goal.The third thing is love, support and hope. These are sincere feelings without which we can live and fully enjoy the life. If you have no one to love and to be loved and to support and be supported, it is rather unbelievable how boring the life can be. Og if you have no hope, it is rather difficult to overcome all the troubles on your way.

You can ask what place money take. To my mind money is out of hierarchy. Money is material and immaterial simultaneously. If you have enough money to allow yourself everything to satisfy all wishes, but if you don not have money you will survive in any case.

Nowadays everything depends on money. If you have money you can buy whatever you are eager to possess, to go abroad as far as you can. But we can’t say exactly whether money does more good or harm. Money changes people frequently for the worse. I want to remember this is my opinion, you have two ways: agree or disagree. I hope this story make you think over important thing in lives. Maybe it is not only money? Maybe something radically different? Maybe love, support, hope, friends, parents? It is up to you find the answer.