The Treatment Of Labirintitis Together with Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

LabirintitisLabirintitis is the disease which is characterized by defeat of internal peripheral departments of auditory and vestibular analyzers. Quite often this disease arises at acute inflammations of a middle ear, tuberculosis of the middle ear or is a consequence of trauma. Labirintitis symptoms and disease course depend on concentration of process in an internal ear. Mainly labirintitis is provoked by an upper respiratory tract infection (flu, a acute respiratory viral infection). Sometimes the disease appears as a result of the infection middle ear. Seldom labirintitis can be caused by bacterial infection.

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As it was already told above, labirintitis symptoms and disease morbidity in many respects depend on process localization. As a rule, at the initial disease stages the irritation of labyrinth the following signs is noted: nausea, dizziness, buzzing in ears, impairment of hearing, vomiting, disorder of balance. Intensity of dizziness depends on a form of labirintitis. Disorder of balance is observed at rest as well as when walking.

At serous labyrintitis such pathological changes as hypostasis formation in labyrinth soft parts and exudate emergence are observed. If labirintitis passes without complications, exudate disappears gradually. At limited labirintitis fistula presence which mainly settles down on the horizontal channel is quite often observed. At illness purulent form the main labirintitis symptom is temperature rise. And at diffuse suppurative labyrintitis often there is such complication as total loss of hearing. If the illness is followed by meningitis and cerebellum abscess, diagnostics of a labirintitis is extremely difficult. At a serous or limited labirintitis partial functions safety of vestibular and cochlear apparatus is characteristic. At full dissonance of their functions it is possible to speak about diffuse suppurative labyrintitis.

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Patient’s examination is conducted after his appeal to hospital with certain complaints. Sometimes it is applied special tests but if it doesn’t help to establish the exact reason, as a rule, to identification of the reason of dizziness appoint additional medical examination. At labirintitis diagnostics the important role is played by the following researches namely magnetic and resonant research and computer tomography.

After labirintitis diagnostics and diagnosis confirmation the patient should be hospitalized. At labirintitis treatment the patient has to be under careful control of the attending physician. Absolute rest and an easy diet is recommended to the patient. For pressure decrease in labyrinth it is appointed methenamine and glucose. The main preparations at labirintitis treatment are antibiotics which choice depends on flora sensitivity of the middle ear.