Pulmonary Infarction. Specific Features and Treatment Provided by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Pulmonary infarctionPulmonary infarction is a pathology which is caused as a result of embolism and thrombosis of main pulmonary arteries.

The main reason of this pathology is blood-clotting blockade and embolism of pulmonary arteries. It often happens because of the veins thrombus burden presence of the left blood circulation. Vessels obstruction involves reflectory spasms in pulmonary arteries, there is a sharp increase in pressure in a small circle and blood stasis in the right heart cameras. As the result appears the broken diffusion and oxygen starvation in vessels which amplifies blood transport with the low oxygen content through venous and arterial anastomosis in pulmonary system and through anastomosis between systems.

Often pulmonary infarction of develops with stagnation in venous vessels, especially at patients with heart diseases or in the presence of rhythm heart violation. Subsequently there is a hemorrhagic soaking of pulmonary fabrics because of the strengthened inflow of blood on the arteries feeding bronchial tubes from anastomosis intersystem and at the expense of blood contraflow on pulmonary veins.

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The symptomatology depends on the size, an arrangement and quantity of the damaged vessels, and also on in what state there are compensation mechanisms and from the initial blood condition and respiratory systems. To the main symptoms we may refer sharply arisen complicated breath, the thorax pain syndrome amplifying at deep breath. Skin cover have ashy-gray colour, sometimes they may be cyanochroic.

Rapid heart beat, emergence of arrhythmia, sharp lowering of arterial pressure are possible to appear. Development of cerebral violations that is shown by psychomotor excitement, brain hypostasis symptoms, local brain damages that is caused by gemorragiya may be observed. There is an expressed hyperthermia, hoarse cough with insignificant allocation of phlegm having a hemorrhagic character.

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Pulmonary infarction treatment begins with intravenous administration of fibrinolytic preparations for blood clot or an embol dissolution. It is applied the high dose of spasmolytics intravenous to arrest the spasm. Treatment is carried out in the conditions of intensive therapy ward or in the intensive care unit. After rendering emergency aid antibacterial preparations are appointed to prevent development of abscess formation.