Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy In the Process Of Parrot Fever Treatment

Parrot feverParrot fever is the acute infectious disease caused by chlamydias. It is characterized by fever, the general intoxication, lungs damage, nervous system,liver and lien increase. This disease may be treated as zoonosis. Reservoir of infection and infection source are domestic and wild birds. The disease meets during cold season more often. It is established that ten-twenty per cent of all acute pneumonias have an ornithosis etiology.

The activator is the chlamydias which have a cover and are sensitive to some antibiotics. Chlamydias develop intracellularly, forming cytoplasmatic inclusions. In environment it may remain for two three weeks.

The infection enters the organism mainly through the mucous membrane of respiratory track: infection is transformed by the air – dust way. More often the activator takes root into small bronchial tubes and bronchioles, causing peribronchial inflammation.

Pneumatical forms of parrot fever happen very acute and sharp beginning with fever and the symptoms of general intoxication only passing these two stages the first markers of airways damages may appear. The majority of sufferers have a rapid increase in temperature till 39 C, shivering, headache, muscle pain, general weakness, nausea and nasal hemorrhage may be manifested as the main symptoms of parrot fever.

In such a case you may not understand for the first time you have a parrot fever but you should be attentive to your health. You may subdue a fever with the help of febrifuge which you may order () via Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy but it is not enough to solve the main problem. The way out is to attend the doctor to identify the diagnosis and begin treatment.

At objective examination skin cover pallor, lack of the expressed damages of the top airways, bradycardia, blood pressure decrease, muting of heart tones are noted. At most of patients the lower shares of lungs are damaged, the right is more often. Percussion sound shortening over an affected area comes to light, dry and fine moist rales are listened, some patients have pleural fremitus. Radiological peribronchial and parenchymal changes appear.

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