Age-Related Impotence: Who’s Affected Most?

Age-Related Impotence- Who's Affected Most-

Erectile Dysfunction in 40s

Men who have reached the age of 40 years, often observe reduced sexual function for organic reasons. During this period, men develop numerous pathologies, aggravated by bad habits and regular stresses.

Factors predisposing to erectile dysfunction:

  • alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, smoking
  • concomitant diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis);;
  • obesity and improper diet.

From the age of 30, the plasma concentration of testosterone hormone is gradually decreasing in the male body. After the age of 40, this process becomes noticeable and a man can easily notice a change in the level of sexual desire, a decrease in sexual activity, a decreased frequency of erection, which could previously occur 1-2 times a day.

Common types of impotence

Often, middle-aged men have organic health disorders that lead to sexual problems. Systemic pathologies that reduce sexual abilities may have primary (congenital and genetical defects) or secondary (acquired diseases).

Vascular erectile dysfunction

To excite the genital organs, a man requires maximum blood filling of the cavernous bodies. Vascular diseases do not allow to reach a full erection. In the presence of such violations, there is not enough plasma content or the blood is quickly discharged through the venous outflows, provoking a short-term erection.

Vascular erectile dysfunction associated with impaired veno-occlusive mechanism and insufficient velocity of blood flow in the cavernous arteries is a consequence of venous or arteriogenic lesions. Approximately 80% of men over the age of 40 are diagnosed with insufficient blood supply, which reduces the arterial inflow to the cavernous tissue of the penis.

The cause of the violated blood supply to the inguinal zone is hypertension or pronounced atherosclerosis of the vascular walls or diabetes mellitus. In some cases, vascular disease occurs due to a violation of lipid metabolism and prolonged nicotine addiction. Since the inhalation of toxic vapors from cigarettes provokes strong vascular spasms and the smooth muscles of the arteries become thinner, they become more brittle.

Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction causes pathologies and discharge of blood from the perineal region may result from surgical intervention or pelvic injuries. Failures in the work of the veno-occlusive mechanism are observed in the case of:

  • damage to smooth muscle cells of cavernous bodies;
  • changes in venous drainage;
  • loss of caverns’ ability to relax;
  • Peyronie’s disease;
  • fractures of the penis.

Neurogenic erectile dysfunction

Neurological lesions are often caused by unsuccessful surgical manipulation and trauma in the perineum. Diseases cause damage to parts of the nervous system, which entails a loss of the sensitivity of organs and sexual receptors to stimulating factors.

Due to neurogenic changes, a man loses the ability to perform sexual intercourse or does not experience pleasant sensations during his course. Violations of nerve impulses lead to impotence and severe erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction due to medications

Erectile problems occur due to the systematic reception of large doses of medications. This form of erectile disorder has a temporary nature and is eliminated immediately after the cessation of drug treatment.

However, some men suffer from diseases that require continuous exposure to drugs (eg, prostate cancer). In this case, erectile disorder will last until the end of life.

Erectile dysfunction in 50s

This age is often accompanied by numerous functional pathologies. Older patients experience chronic psychogenic and organic diseases, which cause a persistent loss of sexual desire.

Can you regain potency after 50?

To overcome age-related impotence after 50, urologists use systemic treatment techniques. A doctor performs a thorough instrumental and clinical diagnosis, which helps establish the causes of male sexual pathologies and the presence of contraindications for using various methods of restoring sexual desire.

The physician discusses possible ED treatment options with the patient, Most often, doctors use the following directions:

  1. conservative treatment – when the patient does not need a surgery or has appropriate contraindications. These are various medications from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, manual therapy, special apparatus for radiotherapy and exposure to electric waves, oral therapy, vacuum technique, psychotherapy;
  2. intracavernous injections with restorative, excitatory and androgenic drugs, as well as intraurethral therapy;
  3. surgery treatment, in particular, prosthesis of the penis and interventions, allowing to correct the shape of the penis.

Common methods of regaining potency

The effectiveness of any methods of ED treatment increases if the patient leads a healthy lifestyle. Older men require a sufficient physical activity, dietary nutrition, total refusal of smoking and alcohol.

If the patient ignores the these rules, erectile dysfunction can easily return 1-2 years after the recommended course of treatment is completed. In addition, patients with bad habits are at risk of developing ischemic stroke or myocardial infarction during sexual intercourse.


This method is used to eliminate the harmful effects of psychogenic and complex erectile dysfunction. Sexual disorder is not necessarily purely organic. Often, patients develop an inferiority complex against a background of reduced erection and premature ejaculation. This forces a man to avoid close contacts with the opposite sex. Such systemic disorders require long-term treatment with the help of a doctor-therapist.

To get the best effect, the doctor should ask the patient to go to the session with his partner.

Hormonal therapy

Male patients aged 50 suffer from severe androgen deficiency caused by decreased production of sex hormones in the testicles. To stabilize the level of testosterone and strengthen the sexual desire for a partner, a course of substitution therapy is prescribed. Treatment increases the content of active metabolites in blood serum.

Oral therapy

ED drugs from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is highly effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics. These medications act in the following way:

  • reduce the tone of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies and arteries located in the inguinal zone;
  • prevent the decomposition of active cyclic guanosine monophosphate;
  • strengthen erection;
  • achieve a permanent erection;
  • prevent premature ejaculation.

Treatment of erectile disorders with the help of these sexual stimulants from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy help 80% of patients in the older age group.