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Impotence: Can You Overcome This Disease?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain erection. Sexual disorders deteriorate the quality of intimate life, decrease sexual self-esteem and cause mental illness. Signs of impotence: no spontaneous or adequate erection; insufficient erection or duration of sexual act; dissatisfaction with sexual relations; inability to perform sexual intercourse; uncontrolled ejaculation.

Viagra or Cialis: Which Drug to Choose? Guedelines by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Before using any stimulant medications including Viagra and Cialis, a patient with erectile dysfunction and decreased libido should undergo a comprehensive examination and consult the attending physician. Only an experienced specialist with a medical education and rich experience in the treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunction can determine the most effective drugs for impotence Self-treatment […]

Age-Related Impotence: Who’s Affected Most?

Erectile Dysfunction in 40s Men who have reached the age of 40 years, often observe reduced sexual function for organic reasons. During this period, men develop numerous pathologies, aggravated by bad habits and regular stresses. Factors predisposing to erectile dysfunction: alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, smoking concomitant diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis);; obesity and improper diet. From […]

The Treatment Of Labirintitis Together with Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Labirintitis is the disease which is characterized by defeat of internal peripheral departments of auditory and vestibular analyzers. Quite often this disease arises at acute inflammations of a middle ear, tuberculosis of the middle ear or is a consequence of trauma. Labirintitis symptoms and disease course depend on concentration of process in an internal ear. […]

Pulmonary Infarction. Specific Features and Treatment Provided by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Pulmonary infarction is a pathology which is caused as a result of embolism and thrombosis of main pulmonary arteries. The main reason of this pathology is blood-clotting blockade and embolism of pulmonary arteries. It often happens because of the veins thrombus burden presence of the left blood circulation. Vessels obstruction involves reflectory spasms in pulmonary […]

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy In the Process Of Parrot Fever Treatment

Parrot fever is the acute infectious disease caused by chlamydias. It is characterized by fever, the general intoxication, lungs damage, nervous system,liver and lien increase. This disease may be treated as zoonosis. Reservoir of infection and infection source are domestic and wild birds. The disease meets during cold season more often. It is established that […]

What People Need to Enjoy the Life?

I have a question. It sounds like without what people can live. The question is difficult and thought provoking. Maybe this question makes people think properly about what is more important for people. I want to underline this is my own opinion, you can completely agree with me or suggest your own list. The first […]